SWI: Plaquex


Plaquex is a mix of essential phospholipids derived from soy beans.
It is the treatment of choice for atherosclerosis
-- the deposit of fatty plaques in the arterial and capillary lining of the blood vessels.
The most important effect of plaquex is its remarkable ability to reduce plaque depositions in the arterial walls.
It also lowers cholesterol and homocystein levels.
Studies in lab animals have shown that it increases their life span by up to 36%.
An important therapeutic application of the plaquex treatment program
is increasing an individual's ability to withstand cardiac stress.
This application is valuable for individuals who have suffered cardiac trauma,
such as myocardial infarction, or who have high risks of heart trauma.
The following are the effects of the plaquex therapy:
  1. Reduces Angina pectoris pain and frequency of attacks
  2. Plaquex lowers LDL cholesterol
  3. Increases HDL cholesterol
  4. Improves walking distance
  5. Improves mental functions
  6. Improves sexual potency
Plaquex is useful in the treatment of patients with angina pectoris,
which reduced blood flow to the brain and extremities and prophylactically in the treatment against fat embolus and strokes.

Plaquex was combined with chelation treatment in severe cases.
A good rule of thumb is one chelation infusion for every two Plaquex treatments.
It should be mentioned at this point that the Seagull Wellness International
follows a comprehensive evaluation in order to assess the needs of the patient.