SWI: Rejuvenation Stem Cell PRP-Hollywood Face Rejuvenation


"Stem Cell-PRP-Hollywood Face Rejuvenation"

For those who does not need fat grafting, but need a reliable technique to rejuvenate their skin, we use the growth factors injected in the mesoderm layer of the skin in order to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate your wrinkle.
It will also evens out the coloration of your skin.

Dr. Pierre R. Clero calls his technique the Stem Cell PRP-Hollywood Face Rejuvenation.

One to two sessions maximum (6 weeks interval) are needed to achieve a magical result No down time, absolutely painless, no side effect: the biological material used comes from your own body.

Dr. Pierre R. Clero also uses this technique to prevent hair loss for men and women the growth factors trigger the stem cells and induce hair growth. After hair grafting it increases the rate of hair growth.