SWI: Rejuvenation Stem Cell-PRP-G-Shot


Another indication exclusively for female called the


G SHOT already exists by injection of collagen or use of laser, but the injection of Stem-Cells- PRP growth factors is far more efficient without any side effects and last a lot longer.

The autologous stem-cells and PRP growths factor enhance and develop your G spot, it is not just an artificial increase of its size by injection of collagen or use of laser, it is actually a real natural enhancement of not only the size but also the function of the G Spot as the growth-factor stem cell induce the development of new sensitive cells.

You can expect an enhancement about the size of a quarter in width an one third of an inch in height (meaning the projection into the vagina)

Also note that with the classic G-SHOT the results can last for up to 4 months (for what I know from my patients it seems to be optimistic)

With the PRP-G-SHOT we already have results lasting more than one year and are still doing well.