SWI: Rejuvenation Lips Enhancement


If you want a more expressive look that highlights the shape of your lips, the Paris Lip technique may be for you. Lips present a special challenge, since the border diminishes over time. The Paris Lip defines the border to give a natural look with out lipstick. No wonder its been received with enthusiasm by 25 year olds who want the latest look, as by 45 years olds who want a natural more youthful look.

How is the PARIS LIP created?

The Paris lip, is created by outlining the border of the upper lip and highlighting the vertical ridges between the lip and nose.
It does not include "plumping out’" of the red, fleshy part of the lip itself. The Paris Lip procedure is quick, easy and affordable.

It may also be injected to smooth out areas around the mouth.
These may include vertical

"smoker's lines"

above the lip, or the little "commas" at the corners of the mouth that can give a tired or slightly sad look to face to come of filler procedures.