SWI: Rejuvenation



The world's leading weight and age management institute organizes wellness cruises in Asia, USA and Europe, for corporate groups or private individual.

Dr Pierre R. Clero and Faith Clero

will lead you to achieve profound lifestyle changes to lose weight permanently.

Dr. Pierre R. Clero

Is an international cosmetic surgeon author of the best seller


a winning strategy to a longer life and healthier body.
Faith Clero, general manager of SWI graduated in 1996 and then invested all her time and energy in researches in weight management and fitness.

You know that old joke about the guy who lives to be 104? The punch line goes something like " if I knew I was gonna get this old, I'd have taken much better care of myself".
Well, guess what? We actually are living longer, and the time to start taking care of ourselves is right this minute. It turns out that a surprising amount of our health and well-being is within our own control.
You probably think:
"Now, I want to squeeze every last drop out of life, but I'm only interested in more time if it can be filled with meaning and joy and creative thinking.
In other words, I'd like to hang on to my energy and focus for as long as humanly possible"

Dr. Pierre R. Clero assures us that we can do just that.
Faith and Dr. Pierre R. Clero during our SEAGULL WELLNESS INTERNATIONAL CRUISES will put all of you on the path to better body and brain.


During unforgettable vacations, you will discover the path to a longer life and a healthier body, free of the ailments of being overweight.

Our programs are based on a specific diet designed by Dr. Pierre R. Clero called


as it is a fusion between cretoise and asian cultures, associated with fitness and massage as well as relaxation.

On board our fitness instructor team will lead you every morning. You can chose also different sports that fit you well.

Of course you can enjoy fabulous swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

After you will be pampered in our spa.

To fulfill your thirst of knowledge our library and computer room.

Entertainment and nightlife are not forgotten.

And finally at the end of the day you can rest in your very comfortable cabin.